I told you so I told you so.

I don’t really like to rub it in when I’m right but this one is just begging for it.  I’ve been preaching this for the last 5 years.  My first rule of SEO is to “Keep It Real”. Keeping it real means building your links and content so that REAL users will be able to find the information that they really want. It means providing value. Make it worthwhile for the user to come to your site.

Recently Google announced that they will soon be penalizing sites that appear to have been over-optimized.  What does this mean? It means that if you have done things to make your site appear higher than it should in search results you are in for some changes.

Rand Fishkin discusses what SEO’s need to do to prepare for Google’s big over-optimization penalties that are coming up in his weekly Whiteboard Friday.  He’s dead on here. (Just as he usually is)  The word Rand likes to use to describe the right way to optimize your site is to keep it “natural”. This means doing things for the benefit of your users and not solely for the Google Bot.  Eventually the Google Bot will be smart enough to tell, and it looks like it’s not too far off.

For ethical SEO’s out there things are getting better.  You should see some good improvements over the coming weeks.

For the unethical spammy lot out there that are just about to lose all their rankings I just have one thing to say; I told you so.