I read an interesting article today about the darker side of social media.  It highlights some cases where people have used facebook to get fired and fuel feuds that end in assault.  We’ve all seen the headlines.

The thing that amazes me here is how people are blaming Facebook.  Don’t get me wrong, I hate Facebook as much as the next guy but come on people.  It’s not Facebook’s fault you can’t communicate with your teenage kids. It’s not Facebook’s fault that you got fired. It’s not even Facebook’s fault that your cousin got that date and you didn’t.

It’s like blaming the weapon used in a crime instead of blaming the criminal.  Facebook is just a form of communication and media consumption.  What people do there and say there isn’t Facebook’s fault.  Let’s stop vilifying websites for the actions of their users.  A moron on Facebook is a moron no matter what medium they are using at the moment.

Am I wrong on this? I don’t think so but please feel free to voice your opinion anyway.