Page Speed Online

A Piece of the Raphael Room

"And what exactly is this little squiggly thing over here? Is that supposed to be an alligator?"

How does Google see your page’s load speed?  What can you do to improve?

Design Proposal Software

Designers should spend their time designing, not writing proposals.

CSS Gradient Generator

Web based GUI tool for designing CSS gradients.  Generates CSS code with easy Copy and Paste

Wordmark It

Preview any word in every font on YOUR computer.


CSS Easy Annimation Tool


Live Website Statistics


A new approach to presentation building.  I really like this one for creating presentations like a designer would do.  A little big like designing in Illustrator.


Javascript Library – Some really cool stuff.

Copy Paste Graphic shapes

ascii characters like triangles and arrows and other odd shapes


live css testing


resource lookup for jQuery, PHP, Python, HTML, CSS, and more…

Principles of UI Design

Quick reference to the UI principles